L2Nitro WIPE 18:00 GMT+3 25.11.2023 !
Hello everyone.
Dear Lineage 2 Fans I wish to announce what L2Nitro project Custom PvP Server!! L2Nitro is custom PvP server with high rates, lot custom items, many raid bosses and much more... Sounds great? Yes! Please invite your friends, clans, other players to best on custom pvp server! It is time to remind your enemy who you are, time to find new friend and spend best days in L2Nitro Server

Written by Nitro on 19 August 2023

Bring your clan event!
Do you wanna start playing on our server with your friends and create your own clan?

We will reward you! Just create a new clan and invite your friends! Your clan must have at least 5 level, create full party (9 members) and go kill any raid boss, decrease raid hp lower than 50%, make screenshot and just send us a message to skype nitro.admin containing the Clan Name and the Clan Leader's Name. Once it's done, just wait for our review and get rewarded.
Written by Nitro on 25 September 2023